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Welcome to Midwest Alpaca Ventures

Midwest Alpaca Ventures was established in 2016 for the purpose of promoting and supporting the growth of the alpaca industry and thus, strengthening its sustainability. 

Through Midwest Alpaca Ventures, new and existing farms, individuals and the public at large have a go-to source to start their own alpaca herd or access a variety of educational opportunities, events,and supportive services that serve as building blocks to a strong business and strong industry. 

  • Talk to us about finding you just tthe right alpacas to start or grow your herd

  • Register your alpaca fleeces in the Midwest Alpaca Fleece Show

  • Browse and register for classes offered through AlpacaU 

  • Stay up-to-date on upcoming events thru our BLOG

Plan now to participate in the 2022 Midwest Alpaca Fleece Show. 

Stay tuned for more details
Thanks to all participants in the 2021 Midwest Alpaca Fleece Show!  Beautiful fleeces.
We are planning the 2022 show right now, and will have details soon.  Stay tuned!
We want to share our experiences & knowledge with you

The value of a mentor farm is difficult to quantify but without them, we know our beginning years would have been much harder. Now, we want to share our experiences, both good and bad, with new farms just as our mentors did for us.

If you're thinking about alpacas or already decided they are in your future, let us help you. We'll tell you what we learned, what we did right, and did wrong (yes! we did a few things wrong). And, we will be there when you need help.

Alpaca Farms start
& grow through AlpacaU

Each year, we offer various seminars designed to take you from wherever you might be in your alpaca adventure to where you want to go.  Generally held on the weekends, our sessions are fun yet informative, casual, yet structured. 


Gather the information you need, whether just thinking about alpacas, or already decided to go forward, or perhaps to desire to increase your knowledge and skills.  


Attend all sessions of a series or just the specific session that best suits your needs.

Need help selling your alpacas?  Getting started in alpacas and not sure how to begin?

Perhaps Midwest Alpaca Ventures can help.  Our experience raising alpacas for 14 years has afforded us the opportunity to meet many farms throughout the country - small and large and gain experience in assessing marketability of individual alpacas we can represent your needs to buyers and sellers alike.  

Risk - free, with no obligation on your part, start with a simple conversation with Midwest Alpaca Ventures.  And then decide if we are your right partner.

Chat with Rainbow
Chances are, if you've visited Foggy Bottom Alpacas you've met Rainbow!  She's quite the gal!  Follow her musings and farm updates through her blog!


       Sara has been there every step of the way for Triple T Alpaca. From mentor to friend and everything in between, Sara is always there to answer my questions or give advice. She does wonderful work in putting on the Midwest Fleece Show. I love volunteering for shearing and other events because I know it means more learning just being around Sara. Can't wait for future adventures with her and Midwest Alpaca Ventures.

     We fell in love with alpacas but knew nothing about them and were unsure if it was for us. We took the Alpaca U course that helped immensely in our decision to move forward. The knowledge we gained from the course touched on so many areas, from the care and needs in raising them to help us decided what direction we wanted to go with the business side and everything else in between. From the start, we were assisted and educated with everything we needed/wanted to know. Even helping us put together the perfect little herd which we are so happy with. The education didn't end once we brought our boys home. The mentoring and offering of classes continues and we will continue to use the services that are offered.



— Beth Turner, Triple T Alpaca


— Amelia Wolf

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