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Get to know the herd at
Foggy Bottom Alpacas

Our commitment to the alpaca industry is to continuously increase our knowledge in alpaca husbandry and herd health, learn as much as we can from other breeders and operate our business professionally and ethically. Each breeding decision is based on defined fleece improvement goals coupled with an honest assessment of the genetic strengths and weaknesses of every animal in our herd.

We offer:

  • Strict bio-security measures, keeping your animals, and ours, healthy

  • 30 day live birth guarantee

  • 60 days free agisting with any purchase

  • Flexible payment plans

Learn more about the alpacas in our herd.

Breeding Program


The breeding program at Foggy Bottom is well refined as the result of the experience in breeding nearly 300 females over the last 14 years. Females are hand bred with the breeding closely supervised., then behavior tested weekly for likely pregnancy for at least 60 days to confirm a positive pregnancyExtensive notes are made of the female’s behavior so that points of receptivity and behavioral changes are well documented for future reference.   Before a female leaves the breeding program, we make certain she is pregnant either by blood progesterone tests and/or ultrasounds performed by our veterinarian, Dr. Matt Schoessler (Triple Oaks Equine).  The cost of breeding to a herdsire owned by Foggy Bottom Alpacas has been and continues to remain most reasonable and market competitive enabling  breedings to be purchased at extremely reasonable rates. No board is charged for mother or cria while they are in the breeding program – no handling fees either. 

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