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Welcome to the first issue of Chat with Rainbow for 2021. I know….you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for my wise words of wisdom and probably wondered what has taken me so long. I have no idea. Seems like the time just got away from me. But now here I am.


First, if any of you are wondering what you’re even reading, you must be new to Chat with Rainbow. No matter. Welcome! Let me introduce myself. I am Rainbow—unofficial co-owner of Midwest Alpaca Ventures with Sara. Look right—-that’s me. Sara tells me I’m beautiful and perfect in every way.


This is my blog for all of our friends and colleagues in the alpaca world. A bit of something for everyone. So be sure to check back often for my latest comments and musings.

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Ask Rainbow?

What is an affordable way to showcase my farm?

Fleece Shows are an excellent and affordable wy to showcase your farm, your fleece, and the results of your hard work.

What age division should I enter in the fleece show?

Age division is determined by the age of the alpaca on the date of shearing. Fleeces should not be shown beyond 380 days of the shearing date. Alpaca must be at least 6 months old at shearing.

How do I determine the color of my fleece?

Color is determined by definitions in AOA Show Division Handbook Rules as well as the current ARI Color Chart and is subject to a color check by show staff.

What are baby Alpaca called?