Educational Sessions & Clinics through AlpacaU


Midwest Alpaca Ventures is committed to helping new alpaca farms start and grow by offering a variety of fun educational sessions and clinics through AlpacaU. 


Each year, we offer a variety of seminars designed to take you from wherever you might be in your alpaca adventure, to where you want to go.  Generally held on the weekends, our sessions are fun, yet informative, casual, yet structured.  Gather the information you need, whether just thinking about alpacas, or already decided to go forward, or perhaps desiring to increase your knowledge and skills.  


Attend all sessions on a series or just the specific session that best suits your needs.

Learn the Essential Elements for Alpaca Ownership
AlpacaU courses are designed specifically for:
  • New alpaca owners who need a review of the basic, but key elements of herd health and herd management

  • Farms who already own or will own pregnant females and crias and are saying to themselves, “now what?”

  • Those thinking about or intend to breed alpacas and desire more information on herdsire decisions

Our goal in offering workshops and seminars through AlpacaU is to provide a safe, fun environment to learn about owning alpacas for fun or for busines.

Some of the topics covered through AlpacaU include:

  • Hobby or business

  • Basic care and health management

  • Handling

  • Breeding, pregnancy and birthing

  • Cria care and post-delivery female care

  • Cria health management

  • Business planning and marketing

  • Everything about fleece

AlpacaU Courses offered:

AlpacaU Series 1

AlpacaU Series 2

AlpacaU Condensed Series 1 & 2 combo

AlpacaU Series 3

Fleece Clinic

Classes will be scheduled throughout the year.  Attend one series or attend all.

Understanding Alpaca Fleece & Breeding Decisions
Fleece Clinic

Starting and growing alpaca farms need to define their breeding programs and then try to make the best decisions possible

right from the beginning. Attendees at this clinic will gain confidence in identifying key traits and characteristics in fleece, better

understand differences in fleece quality levels, and what to expect. By applying these skills, attendees will be able to enhance the

next generation of crias with sound breeding decisions.

What can you expect at this interactive, hands-on clinic?

Our instructor is Wade Gease, aka The Alpaca Guy, Senior AOA certified alpaca judge, judge training instructor, screener, presenter, product developer, and consultant for the worldwide alpaca industry.

During this workshop you will learn Wade’s eye and approach to Fleece Reading and  explain and discuss staple group ranges, primary hair influences, and cumulative trait linking. Individually and as a group, we will calibrate micron estimates and evaluate fleeces brought to the class. Attendees are invited to bring their own fleece samples to the class.

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Fleece show submission requirements:
  • Copy of registration form with payment

  • Disclosure statement

  • Copy of original ARI per fleece entry

  • Copy of Owner of Record form

  • Fleece tag in each fleece bag entry

  • Fleece


February 2, 2021