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Fleece Clinic

Understanding Alpaca Fleece & Breeding Decisions
No Fleece Clinic currently scheduled.

Please contact us to see when we will be offering a clinic in 2022


Alpaca Aficionado, Wade Gease, aka The Alpaca Guy, is a Senior AOA certified alpaca judge, judge training instructor, screener, presenter, product developer, inventor, and international consultant/mediator for the worldwide alpaca industry.


Starting and growing alpaca farms need to define their breeding programs and then try to make the best decisions possible right from the beginning. Attendees at this clinic will gain confidence in identifying key traits and characteristics in fleece, better understand differences in fleece quality levels, and what to expect. By applying these skills, attendees will be able to enhance the next generation of crias with sound breeding decisions.

What can I expect at this interactive, hands-on Fleece Clinic?
Interactive, Hands-on Fleece Clinic

You will learn Wade’s eye and approach to Fleece Reading. Explain and discuss staple group ranges, primary hair influences, and cumulative trait linking. Individually and as a group, we will calibrate micron estimates and evaluate fleeces brought to the class. Wade invites attendees to bring their own fleece samples in baggies for class use.

A weekend focused on fiber

Join us for a weekend focused on fiber and decision-making, great fun, good food, and plenty of good time!  And, as an extra bonus, need or want to start with some alpaca products? has no minimums, so take advantage of the opportunity to get products at wholesale for your farm store, markets, or for gifts.  Wade will bring a variety of items along to the clinic or bring pre-orders.

Clinic Agenda

8:30   Registration

9:00   Class begins
          Different fleece types
          (crimp styles, staples, stereotypes, density indicators)
          Practice breakout sessions

12:30  Lunch

1:15    Define the best breeding choice
          Alpaca range of qualities

5:00   Dinner


9:00   Review of micron analysis
          Fleece reading (samples from the class)

12:30   Lunch
          Have a specific question for Wade:

          Take advantage of private consult time.

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