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Herd Management

Starting with Midwest Alpaca Ventures is easy.
What the heck is herd management?  Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle.

Each piece of the puzzle is important, and when all put together you have a picture.  And this picture is your vision of your alpaca journey.

The herd management support you can receive through Midwest Alpaca Ventures is directly tied to your jigsaw puzzle.  Most likely if you take each puzzle piece as a separate activity, you’ll find pieces like these.

  • Part of the puzzle deals with the health of your alpacas.

  • Another puzzle piece speaks to the fleece... the quality, perhaps micron goals, maybe even color.

  • Some puzzle pieces might address your herd size – how many alpacas do you want?

  • Are you a hobby farm?  Do you want all males? 
    Or do you want to experience the joys of breeding and crias running around, so females are in the picture somewhere?

  • And maybe you’re going to need to make breeding decisions.

  • Do you want to sell alpacas? 
    Or raise them just for your own pleasure?


Lots of ways to look at herd management.  Midwest Alpaca Ventures offers herd management support, for any or all of these puzzle pieces.

  • Need help on monthly basis with routine health care?  We can be your farm support.

  • Need help figuring out how to grow your herd?  That too – we can help you layout your herd growth plan.


Starting with us is easy.  At no cost to you, we begin with a visit and we talk about your goals, we learn about your vision, your dream, your timeline, your concerns.  And of course, we look at your alpacas.  And then we help you put a plan together to support your journey to keep you going in the right direction, at your own speed.  Appropriate services and support, reasonably priced.


     Sara Bender of Foggy Bottom Alpaca Farm has recently started Midwest Alpaca Ventures and it a Five Star business in every way. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Sara Bender is the best. Sara knows alpaca phenotype, fleece, alpaca care, breeding, birthing - the whole process- and is willing to share her knowledge in a professional, caring, no-nonsense way. After working for years on her parent's farm and then her own farm, Sara has the experience to guide you through the entire process. She will give you her full attention as you look for the perfect alpaca for your farm or ranch, the perfect sire for your females, or the right home for an alpaca you are looking to sell. She works with alpacas in all price ranges and for all purposes. There is no one who knows this business better than Sara. She brings a lifetime of experience to each alpaca endeavor with passion, compassion, and, above all else, a love for these gorgeous animals.



— Kathy Olson, Twisted River Ranch

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