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“Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose”.

Foggy Bottom Alpacas

Such a wonderful month we are having. Warm weather, followed by not-so-warm weather. But no matter. It’s spring, and as with every spring, new things bloom.

I am reminded of some words of wisdom I came across recently: “Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose”. These words have great meaning for us at Midwest Alpaca Ventures. As you know, my owner, caretaker, and best friend, Sara, is a co-owner of Foggy Bottom Alpacas. Last year, Foggy Bottom announced their plans to disperse their breeding herd (excepting me, of course).

I get it….. our lives change; we go in different directions and move on to the next chapter of our story. But it’s spring .. and what is it about spring? New growth, new life.

I am very happy to introduce all of you to the Alpacas at Midwest Alpaca Ventures and beyond the moon, ecstatic to announce that Sara has decided to keep doing what she loves, and that means she’s going to stay put, breed some alpacas, sell some alpacas and keep some of us for her very own. Many of the fine breeding herd from Foggy Bottom has moved over to Sara’s herd. We’re not moving to a new farm…we will still live at Foggy Bottom. We will still work hard to meet the needs of new and growing farms across the Midwest and offer high-quality alpacas, whether for breeding, for fiber only, or for pets. We will still offer workshops and other fun activities through AlpacaU. We will still strongly support and promote and participate in the alpaca industry and all it has to offer.

So join me in celebrating. For me, that’s some alfalfa pellets. I have a job to do…welcome new females as they join our herd, make sure they settle in and get to know the place, make visitors feel welcome no matter why they stopped by, and share the secret sauce of alpaca ownership.

Come visit when you can, and in the meantime, bookmark this website (if you have my business card, you’ll have the QR code for quick access to my blogs) and check back with us often. Lots will be happening starting now!

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