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AlpacaU Series 1:

Introduction to Owning Alpacas
This series is designed for individuals who: 
  • Have decided alpacas are in their future

  • Need basic information to help make informed decisions

  • Already have alpacas and are thinking, “now what”?

  • Just can’t decide


Series 1 is all about helping you start.  Regardless of where you’re at in this process, you will walk away from Series 1 feeling more confident, able to make important decisions to put your plan together.

Get started on your path with AlpacaU Session 1 on May 21 and 22.  Easy to sign up with our Registration form.  
Series 1 Session Breakdown
Session 1-1
What kind of farm do you want?
Why do you want alpacas?

There is no right or wrong reason for wanting to own alpacas.  But to get started on the right path, it’s important to know where you want to head.  In this first session, we begin by walking through the different reasons people own alpacas and start the conversation for and with you.  Once this fundamental decision is made, all remaining decisions and actions taken will stem from there.   Session 1-1 will focus on:

  • Goals / Reasons for owing:

    • Pet / Hobby

    • Fiber

    • Breeding

  • Business vs. non-business considerations

  • Animal acquisition costs

  • Space requirements and farm set-up

  • Basic veterinary, animal care, and supply costs

  • Insurance considerations:  farm and animal

Session 1-2

Regardless of the reason why you’ve decided to own alpacas, you’re going to be better off if you develop basic skills and knowledge of alpacas and their care.  Nothing worse than not being able to handle your own animals or talk knowledgeably about them with friends, farm visitors, and possible clients.  So, in Session 1-2, you’ll have hands-on introductory experience in:

  • Catching, holding, haltering

  • Confirmation, body scoring

  • Fleece characteristics

  • Anatomical considerations

Session 1-3

After completion of this session, you will be ready to make an informed decision about whether the wonderful world of alpacas is right for you, and you for them.  Today, we focus on the basic care and health management of alpacas.  The goal in owning alpacas is to become independent in basic herd management, enabling you to keep expenses to a minimum with appropriate herd management protocols, and thus, raise healthy animals.  In this session, you’ll have a mix of discussion and hands-on work.  Time to ask any question that pops into your head, time to think out loud with us, wander among the animals, and get the “feel” of life with alpacas…..

  • Day-to-day care and feeding

  • Periodic cares

  • Parasite management

  • Basic supplies and equipment requirements

  • Hands-on Practice

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