AlpacaU Condensed

Series 1 & 2 combination

This class combines the components from AlpacaU Series 1 and Series 2 weekend sessions into a condensed, single-day class and is designed specifically for:

  • New alpaca owners who need a review of the basic, but key elements of herd health and herd management

  • Alpaca owners who own or will own pregnant females and crias and are saying to themselves, “now what?”

  • Alpaca owners who may or do intend to breed alpacas and desire more information on herdsire decisions

Our goal in making this session available to  farms is to provide the opportunity to learn the most essential elements of alpaca health care and thus, minimize unnecessary expense, enhance the animal’s health and increase the opportunity for a successful outcome.

What to expect at condensed AlpacaU?
Basic Care and Health Management

The goal in owning alpacas is to become independent in basic herd management, enabling you to keep expenses to a minimum with appropriate herd management protocols, and thus, raise healthy animals.


Imagine this….perhaps you have just purchased your first few females, or perhaps you’ve had alpacas for a while, and you’re ready to breed and build your herd, or know you need to be more strategic in your breeding decisions.  Maybe you purchased an initial package of alpacas and a male was part of the mix.  Do you use that male to breed your females?  Is that a good decision for you?   Now it’s time to be clear on your goals, your budget flexibility, your options, the risks, and benefits and the up and downside of any decision you’ll make.  As an alpaca breeder, there are lots of things to consider:

  • When to Breed

  • Breeding Decisions

  • Confirming Pregnancy

  • Basic supplies and record-keeping

Pregnancy & Birthing
  • Nutrition requirements for pregnant females

  • Vaccinations and deworming during pregnancy

  • Readiness

  • Things to watch for during pregnancy, during labor

  • Birthing:  normal delivery vs dystocias

Cria Care, Post Delivery Female Care
& Ongoing Cria Health Management
  • Cria Care Day 1 and care of dam

  • Ongoing care of cria

  • General health management:  mom and cria

  • Commonly used medications and supplies